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A Trip Into the Mystic Mind — Escondido

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Book is about the “Evolution of the Soul”

Karen, the author, is a Mystic, Psychic, Poet, Inventor, and Spiritual teacher.

Comments from readers:

“I’ve been a seeker of Truth all of my life, I think, at least, off and on!  You really have a way of bringing everything together in your book, A Trip Into The Mystic Mind,”  J.D., Calif.

Karen Arkus is by her own testimony a mystic, and her book bears witness to the fact . . . . There is much good food for mental and spiritual growth here . . . it is good reading and thought-provoking, and left me with the warm and pleasant feeling that I was very glad that such people as Ms. Arkus are writing and being published.”  J.P., “The Nucleus”

“A Trip Into The Mystic Mind has cleared many mysteries for me and has been food for my soul.”  M.C., Illinois

“I was delighted when the book arrived . . . . It is beautiful, in looks and content.  I am enclosing a check for another copy so that I might send it to a friend . . . . She will enjoy it as much as I did, I’m sure.”  R.S., Calif.

“The book is actually a treatise and deals with so many different aspects.  It has a quality of interest that does not make for dull reading and indeed is very provocative.” N.Y. editor

“Thank you so much for such a wide spread vision . . . . Indeed, I wish to order 3 more copies for some of my friends.”  M.F., Calif.

“Overwhelming!”  J.C., Calif.

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